Join the
conversation for
a greener, safer,
more accessible

Join the conversation
for a greener, safer, more
accessible Chorlton

Our Streets Chorlton is a community-led project to understand how to help decrease carbon emissions by enabling Chorlton people to reduce local and short car journeys.

Supporting People

We are here to support the whole of Chorlton on its journey to tackle climate change and want to hear from everyone to share views and ideas so we can work together to find solutions

Developing Together

We want to develop a project with the whole Chorlton community so that together, we can share a greener, cleaner, less polluted and congested place to live, work, rest, learn and play.

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Next Event

We have launched our Commonplace engagement platform.

You can use Commonplace to join the ‘Our Streets’ conversation, share local knowledge with us and contribute to ideas and solutions to help Chorlton reduce its car journeys.