About Us

Our Streets Chorlton was a community-led project to understand how to help decrease carbon emissions by enabling people to reduce local and short car journeys. The project is no longer active.

Supporting People

We are here to support the whole of Chorlton on its journey to tackle climate change and want to hear from everyone to share views and ideas so we can work together to find solutions

Developing Together

We want to develop a project with the whole Chorlton community so that together, we can share a greener, cleaner, less polluted and congested place to live, work, rest, learn and play.

Our Aims

The project is a collaboration by people living in the area to tackle climate change. All are welcome to take part and join the conversation.

We are led by and for the community of Chorlton
We will deliver three mini projects which will be a focal point for our engagement
We want to connect with the widest reach of Chorlton people we can
We will empower local Champions to collect useful information that can be used again
We help grow a social network that keeps the Chorlton climate action conversation thriving beyond this project

Our Work

We will be working in and around Chorlton to carry out the following activities:

Community Engagement

Our project’s focus is community engagement and so we will be both online and on the ground, talking with people here about our climate challenges. 

We will share insights and aim to understand barriers and triggers for change so that we can support a community-led creation of a vision for a sustainable Chorlton.


We’ll be collecting and analysing key data about traffic levels and transport behaviours in our community.


3 Mini Traffic Reduction Projects

We’ll engage with residents, schools, traders and other stakeholders to co-develop three mini projects to make a proposal for change.


Building For The Future

We will build on our capacity, knowledge & possible funding routes that supports future climate change action.

Our Team

In December 2019, passionate local people started to co-develop a community bid to secure funding from the National Lottery Climate Action Fund and quickly established a partnership to grow the project together and deliver it in Chorlton.

Our Partnership

The Chorlton Climate Action Partnership was formalised to facilitate the Our Streets Chorlton project once development funding was secured in Autumn 2020.

Our Partners

Each partner holds a specific role within the development of Our Streets Chorlton’s project delivery and we work collaboratively to decide on project issues and progress at regular meetings.

Our Project Coordinators

Two full time project coordinators have been employed to support the day-to-day activities of the project.

Pauline and George are here to co-ordinate the project in the community, provide friendly links and be a local resource for people to work with over the next nine months, so do get in touch.

Our Friends

Our Streets Chorlton is one of many community projects and groups on the go in Chorlton. We’ve curated a list of other groups working on related activities.

We’re sure there’s many more we’ve not yet come across so if you’d like to be added to our list please get in touch

As well as the groups with an environmental focus listed above, there are a range of organisations, local groups and activities that contribute to Chorlton being a great place to live.


Here are just some of them below: