3 Reasons Why You Should Join The Chorlton Climate Action Community Forum

We are seeking fresh Chorlton voices to help build a new community forum, that can steer our project (and many other climate action projects) in a positive, collaborative way.

Here’s a bit more about the forum and some reasons why you should consider getting involved!

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What is The Chorlton Climate Action Forum?

The Chorlton Climate Action Community Forum is the place ‘Our Streets Chorlton’ formally connects to the community and sparks ideas, direction, support and opinions.

The format of the meeting (currently online) is pretty easy and informal, with space and time for our project and other projects to share information, and ask for input, help or feedback. It’s an open meeting and it’s held once a month.

Those who attend can decide how to evolve it and the hope is that a range of people from Chorlton will get involved in making it a community-led space for the longer term, with a smaller, organising group to pick up the business end of the forum going forward.

It’s currently chaired by one of our six local councillors. We talk about this project as well as other things going on in the area that we can connect with.

If you’re keen on coming and want to get the zoom link, sign up to the event here.

However, if you need a little more convincing, here’s just a few reasons we hope will let us see and hear from you this Thursday…

Here’s 3 Reasons Why You Should Join The Forum!
1. You are the forum!

The forum is for everyone and anyone – an open space for ideas and to link up with others.

To make the forum really represent and reflect Chorlton properly, it needs to have lots of people with lots of varied lived experiences so we are especially keen to enable new people from all pockets of Chorlton’s community to join.

It’ll also be up to attendees to decide how else we might enable these connections – perhaps a meeting doesn’t work for all. What else should we be trying? Come and help make it happen!

2.Chorlton Needs You

Part of the Forum’s work is to help guide ‘Our Streets Chorlton’.

The project is focused on understanding how we can reduce carbon emissions from driving in our local area, so if you are interested in this – do come along as your input will help to shape the answers.

But this is a space where you can hopefully team up with others and help kickstart other related ideas for a long term influence on the switch to solutions for a greener Chorlton.

3.Our Planet Needs ‘People Powered’ Solutions

The more voices that can contribute to the climate change conversation, the better we can see what the barriers are for people to take action.

Talking with as many different people as possible to find out what we can collectively and individually do to make a dent in our road to climate recovery.

The planet has a big problem with global warming. It’s going to take a massive effort by us humans to make the changes needed to try to fix it. We have to start somewhere and talking is the first important step.

Our Next Forum

So that’s just three of the reasons why you might want to come along to the next forum, try it out and add your voice & ideas to the climate action conversation.

The next Climate Action Forum is Thurs 18th of March 7-9:30pm, come and add your voice to the mix!

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