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Our work with Amity Community Action

Our work with Amity Community Action 

In June 2021, Amity Community Action CIC joined the ‘Our Streets Chorlton’ project. Their mission is to facilitate thriving communities through group facilitation and coaching. 

Amity delivered their ‘Inspired Community Action Programme’ – to offer a greater level of support for a small group of residents, helping to form a dedicated community group in Chorlton. Our goal was for the group to stay connected and to initiate environmental action in the area, sustained long after our project finished. 

Take a look at our full Amity report here.

Our Streets Chorlton Community Group

For session one of the Inspired Community Action programme, a group of 10 residents from Chorlton and Chorlton Park wards came together to connect and discuss ideas for how residents can collectively reduce carbon emissions and collaborate in taking action. 

Over time, the group developed into the Our Streets Chorlton Community Group.

The group defined its purpose together as “Inspiring and making a positive environmental impact with our community.”

What did we learn about supporting sustained community action?

  • Build rapport and understanding by holding intake conversations with each participant before the programme groups sessions begin
  • Support people to remain engaged when challenges arise by sharing (1:1 and in the group) content that points people towards their innate creativity, confidence and resilience, alongside idea and project development activities
  • Encourage and follow up on participant action between sessions – this fosters connection, learning and a sense of progress outside group sessions
  • Online or hybrid helps! We saw an increase in participants arranging to meet in person outside Programme Group Sessions, finding reduced dependency on facilitators/others to convene the group. For hybrid programme delivery make in-person meetings for socialising and networking

Impact and feedback

Appetite for joining a new group for community climate action was high for residents in Chorlton and Chorlton Park. The combined challenges of winter time and Covid-19 made it difficult for people to commit fully. Those who completed the programme rated group sessions with Amity as “very effective and helpful” for their community action.

To learn more about Amity please visit their website: https://amitycic.com/ 

Take a look at our full Amity report here