Call Out For Photos To Make Chorlton’s ‘Community Collage’
Our Streets Chorlton’s #CommunityCollage

Over the next four weeks, we want to help showcase a whole lot of love for all things Chorlton. We’re asking for contributions from people across the community to create a visual ‘love letter’ – a picture patchwork of the things we all love the most about this area.

Just take a photo – or find one from your camera roll – of somewhere you love in Chorlton. There will be a different theme each week to help get the creativity flowing! These can be shots on your phone, camera or whatever device – and taken at anytime.

We’ll turn the contributions into a beautiful community collage (with your permission and thanks of course!) and posters for the whole community to enjoy on public display. 

We’re suggesting a different theme every week for folks to get involved with – here’s a step by step guide.

Be Inspired – Go For A Walk Around Chorlton


To help us create a whopper of a #communitycollage for Chorlton, you can do the following: 

  • Check In On The Hashtag 

Be inspired by our weekly #hashtag call to action on social media. Take photos of the things that represent #Chorlton to you. Write what they are and location to help describe and build up a story!

  • Go For A Walk

Use our #hashtag as further motivation for getting out and about in Chorlton and finding those hidden gems to share with us.

  • Check Your Camera Roll 

Take a look back over your creative snaps from the last 12 months, do any of your pics fit into our #hashtag of the week? If so, send them to us!

  • Send Us Your Snaps

Post your photos to our Instagram, Facebook or Twitter feeds or email us at to submit your contribution.

Remember to tag us in your social media posts, share and retweet. #thankyouverymuch       

Our Week 1 Hashtag Prompt  – #NatureLovers


To start things off, our first creative prompt is #naturelovers. We’re looking forward to seeing the things you capture on camera this week! Send us in the best bits of nature, greenery, wildlife, weeds in the cracks, guerrilla gardening and anything else that inspires you in and around Chorlton.