‘School Champions’ Network Meet Up This April – Come Along!

Following on from some really motivated chats with local parents and teachers from various schools across the area, we thought it would be a smart idea to bring people together to share information and support each other on the quest for a greener, safer and more accessible school commute.

So on Tuesday the 13th of April at 7pm we’re hosting an open, Chorlton wide meet-up for the school communities who live, work, play and commute here to talk freely about their journeys, challenges faced and ideas to help support active travel.

We’d very much like you to come along to our first open meet-up (and tell your neighbours and friends to come along too!) to chew the fat and see what we can learn and share.

Informal, Open Meet Up of School Parents, Carers, Teachers and Neighbours!

We’ll be talking about ways we can collectively share good practice across the schools, share and link resources and find out what we all need to enable a safer, greener, more accessible and active school journeys to and from our schools right here in Chorlton. We want to hear from you and support you to shape the next steps between the school communities.  We want to help harness the power of children, parents, teachers and schools locally to build upon the good work going on already.

Bring Your Stories and Ideas

So let’s get our thinking caps on. We can let you know a bit about our mini project work at Barlow Hall Primary School as well and see where we can link in activities.

Parents, carers, teachers and neighbours of Chorlton! We’re looking forward to meeting you and hearing what you’ve been up to and sharing ideas for our future school journeys.

Sign up to the online event and you’ll get a zoom link to access.