Wednesday the 15th of September

Our next Community Forum is coming up in mid-September.

We’ll be chatting about our relationship to Chorlton as a place.

Please come along and add your thoughts to the mix.

We will focus on starting an open conversation on the following questions:

“Who is Chorlton currently designed for?”

“What do people in Chorlton need or want to help them use the place(s) and spaces with more freedom, ease and frequency?

“What would make more people use their car less here in Chorlton?” (think infrastructure, incentives, laws, street furniture, visiting examples elsewhere, information, access to alternatives)


We always start the session off with a breakout room task, so you can get to know other members of the forum better and introduce yourself too.

Come along and find out more, tell us about you and your interests and let’s see how we can work together for Chorlton.