Knowledge is Community Power – Do You Want To Be A Data Champion?

We are as keen as mustard to empower a community of volunteers to work with us to collect and collate traffic survey data as part of the Our Streets Chorlton project!

We’re here to support people to develop new skills and understanding of the traffic patterns and impact in Chorlton, through our data champions scheme. If you sign up you’ll help shape the data we collect, help figure out what it means and how we can use it to inform positive change.

Open Data Manchester are the partners leading our data training workshops, and have a commitment to an easy-to-understand, evidence-based approach, and will ensure we get to grips with the results together.

We’ll be looking at various types of data over the course of the year – initially we’re conducting traffic surveys which, alongside other sources, will help us to establish baseline data for Chorlton.

Data Champion Training Sessions

If you’re a resident of the Chorlton area and are up for taking an active part in the collection of traffic data, then we’re running a series of training sessions in March.

The training sessions will cover:

  • Counting traffic data using your smart device (ie iphone or Android)
  • Counting traffic data without a smart device (ie pen and paper).
  • Best practice for collection, including COVID safety.

We’ll be running three training sessions for those who wish to take part. If you want to book on click on the links below:

The dates are:

Data Champions