What people here said

What did we learn about what people value most about living or working in Chorlton?

As part of our project we ran a survey (257 responses) to find out more about what residents think about the local area and community. 

In general people liked living or working here and cited in particular a strong culture of  friendliness, independence and vibrance/creativity. 

Business and hospitality

The majority of residents agreed that the best things about Chorlton are the local independent shops and businesses. Some people highlighted a lack of diversity in these traders though, for example, noting the amount of takeaway shops, and feeling there was a lack of greengrocers and clothing shops.

Green spaces

60 per cent of people said that having access to nature and green spaces are some of the best things about Chorlton, and is valued highly alongside having clean air and a sense of community.


21 per cent of respondents enjoy Chorlton’s sense of community and the same amount of people agreed that residents are friendly.


Chorlton’s good transport connections are valued by most people, however there is a downside to this, such as the traffic this brings to the area.

Residents also highlighted issues such as a lack of free parking, streets being unfriendly to pedestrians and accessibility issues.

What do residents hope for the future?

There is a clear interest for Chorlton to have better transport infrastructure. People say that they want Chorlton to be more cycle friendly and have more areas for pedestrians with wider pavements and better footways.

20 per cent of people also think that improving the upkeep of parks and green spaces is important for the area.

Some residents mentioned that they are keen for there to be more social spaces, including spaces which are more family-friendly and do not involve alcohol. 

Download a copy of the survey findings poster here.